Dolomeeting Arrhythmias 2020.

20.-21. February 2020, eurac bolzano bozen

3rd DoloMeeting Arrhythmias at Bolzano, Italy

The EurAc

The European Academy of Bolzano is a private​​ research centre located in the heart of the Alps. With a focus on mountain regions, but a vision that reaches to Europe and beyond, researchers come to EURAC from all over the world to find solutions for the most challenging issues of our age.​​


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The italian multidisciplinary group for syncope study (GIMSI) was founded on 12th of november 2003 by some of the most important scientific communities in Italy: AIAC, AINV/SNO, FADOI, SIGG, SIMEU, SIMI.

The second international meeting in the Dolomites, so called DoloMeeting, about arrhythmologic cardiology and syncope study in the alps, organized by GIMSI , the italian multidisciplinary group for the study of syncope, with the patrocinate of AIAC, the italian association of cardiologists and arrhythmologists. In Bolzano, the capital of South Tyrol, where the Syncope Unit of Dr. Marco Tomaino, works and puts his efforts in scientific studies. The international congress will be held in the EurAc, the European Academy, an emblem of scientific research in northern Italy, known worldwide.

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